ASAHI CRAFT ENGINEER CO.,LTD is to make dam,pump. And our gole is safe water circulation.

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What is the Asahi Craft company?

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What are our goals?

  • Make clean, fresh water.
  • Treat water with respect
  • Keep our water safe.
  • Use green energy to combat global warming.

We build sound, reliable water circulation systems that allow people and water to flow in harmony.

Water is the lifeblood of our planet, nourishing and sustaining as it flows.
By making sure our water is clean and fresh, we are a bit like doctors maintaining
the earth's health. Though we always work behind the scenes,
We are essential to the smooth functioning of our world.

  • ?What kind of things are you doing?

    We design public facilities. Public facilities are the structures built through public works projects, including roads, parks, municipal water systems, rivers, schools, and libraries. You may not notice them as you go about your daily life, but water-related public facilities like tap water systems and rivers are all around us. Here are some examples...

  • Making water
    Making water

    The water we use every day for drinking, washing and boiling vegetables, and taking baths and showers comes from a water purification facility. Purified water is then delivered to individual homes through the municipal water system as tap water.

  • Purifying water
    Purifying water

    The water we have used to wash our faces, do laundry, and flush the toilet flows through sewage pipes as gray water or sewage. Once it is purified, it is released back into our rivers and oceans. This process is handled by sewage treatment plants and water purification centers.

  • Protecting water
    Protecting water

    When water levels increase rapidly due to typhoons or heavy rains, rivers and other waterways can spill over, flooding roadways or homes and causing damage. Drainage and storm water pumping stations are what protect our lives and livelihoods from destructive rains like these.

  • Getting water to crops
    Getting water to crops

    Irrigation pumps and sprinkler equipment deliver water to farmland. Farms require agricultural irrigation and drainage structures like sluiceways, conduit pipes, and drainage pumps in order to ensure healthy crop production.

  • Getting water to industry
    Getting water to industry

    Industries also require water systems to produce food, steel, and chemicals as well as finished products like cars and electronic equipment. Different manufacturers require different amounts of water and different levels of water quality, but in every case industrial water facilities provide a stable and plentiful supply of low-cost water to production centers.

Creating fully functioning facilities like these is a process that involves several stages, from planning and design to actual construction work. At Asahi Craft, our specialty is handling the design stage.

How we design

  • About planning We will arrange a full meeting with the business operator and schedule the design work.

  • We conduct on-site surveys, collect and organize materials, and make it image by schematic design. Furthermore, we will create a design drawing while exercising technical expertise and conducting detailed comparison and examination.

  • Always pursue high cost performance, considering the natural environment and energy conservation, complete the design while making full use of abundant experience.

Our aim

Our ultimate aim is to support people's lives as they interact with the water cycle on a daily basis. We design public water facilities in a way that cares for and respects the water that is so essential to our daily lives. The earth's water cycle is ongoing. Water evaporates from the oceans and land, collects in clouds, returns to the earth in the form of rain or snow, and then flows through rivers into the oceans and begins the cycle again. The water used by individual households is part of the water used by whole towns, which in turn is part of the water used by entire regions. And all of this water is part of the global water cycle that affects the entire world. The picture below makes it easy to see how this water cycle works.

Our lives are blessed by water, but sometimes that same water is changed into a destructive force by typhoons or flash flooding. At Asahi Craft Engineer we create clean water and work to protect water from these threats, seeking to create a healthy water environment with harmony between man and water.

Water circulation system design such as pumping stations, waterworks facilities, sewage facilities etc. Please feel free to consult with Asahi Craft Engineer. Contact Us